Veho Muvi HD10

Veho MUVI HD10 Audio Video Output Cable Adapter and Pinout

I bought a Veho VCC-005-MUVI-HD10 camcorder a while back and it has worked pretty good for the most part. I have the common problem of the random videos with no audio, which is very annoying, but otherwise, it’s been a good camera.

Veho Muvi HD10

I became curious about the audio/video output port on the side and noticed it was a 2.5mm socket, which isn’t common in the USA. A while back, I also couldn’t find an A/V cable for this device and there wasn’t any information on the pinout of the socket. So I decided to finally solve this riddle and share my findings with you.

Veho Muvi HD10 Audio/Video Pinout

To start with, let’s take a look at the pinout of the socket.  It is a 4-pole, TRRS, socket.  The Veho Muvi HD10 follows the OMTP standard, which means the “Sleeve” is ground and the “Ring” just above it is video.  This is important, because if you get a TRRS 4-pole cable that follows the CTIA standard, it won’t work.

So, just for clarification, here’s the pinout from sleeve-to-tip:

  • Sleeve = Ground
  • Ring = Video
  • Ring = Right Channel
  • Tip = Left Channel

Audio/Video Cable For Veho Muvi HD10

Ok, now that we have the pinout solved, let’s look at what cables will work.  It’s pretty simple to find an inexpensive TRRS cable with a 3.5mm tip, but the problem is the Muvi HD10 has a 2.5mm TRRS jack.  So what’s the solution?

I recommend getting an adapter, such as the 3.5mm female to 2.5mm male TRRS 4-pole Adapter from Mklec and using it with a 3.5mm TRRS cable.  The cables I found with a 2.5mm TRRS for the Muvi HD10 were pricey and specialized, meaning I wouldn’t have any other use for them besides this device.
So it makes more sense to use and adapter.  The other advantage of the adapter is that you can insert it without a cable plugged into it and it will turn the screen off, allowing for recording with the screen off and saving your battery when a screen view isn’t necessary.  This wouldn’t be ideal in some cases, but for other cases, it would be hugely helpful.

So there you have it.  That should help decipher the A/V jack on the Veho HD-10 and help you find a video cable solution that’s reasonable and that works.

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